Word for the New Year

Word for the New Year Resources, an Overview…

If you want to wear your word in the form of jewelry:

If you want to play around with images, here are a few ideas:

  • Draw or paint your word intuitively. Set yourself up with some art supplies, settle into a peaceful place in your heart, and see what comes out on the paper.
  • Collage: With your word on your mind and in your heart, find photos and images (from magazines or a google image search) and collage them. Your collage could be digital (pinterest?) or paper.
  • Mandala: Holding your word as your intention, draw a mandala. Here’s a video of one simple Mandala process.  There are a myriad of mandala techniques, so explore if mandalas feed your soul.
  • Zentangle: This copyrighted meditative drawing method has become very popular in certain circles. Here are some web resources:
  1. For a basic introduction to zentangle: http://www.wikihow.com/Make-a-Zentangle
  2. For lots of patterns: Zentangle patterns
  3. For an awesome PDF of the process: Zentangle PDF
  • Letter it: Write your word and embellish it. Lots of ways to do this, including zentangle. This Zentangle lettering video is one place to start. I could watch videos of people lettering all day.

If you want to honor your word with more words, here are some ideas:

  • Write a poem: Acrostics, haiku and tanka, cinquains, pantoums… Maybe even a sonnet.  Some sites to check out: Poetic Forms for Beginners, cinquain instructions, and this index of poetry types with instructions.
  • Write about your word without stopping for at least fifteen minutes. Find three phrases in your writing that you like. Use those three phrases as a basis for a pantoum or other poetry form.
  • Look up the definition of your word in several different dictionaries. What does the definition evoke for you? Which definition resonates?
  • Dialogue with your word, letting your word write with your non-dominant hand. Ask it questions like “What do you want me to learn?” “Why did you choose me this year?”

Some ways to “embody” your word:

  • Dance your word.
  • Develop a physical practice based on your word.
  • Write your word with your body.


I’m sure there are many other ways to work with our words, including just writing them on post-its and sticking them places. I’d love to know what you do!