I’m Angry.

angerI’m angry.

Here’s a sampling of what I’m angry about, in no particular order:

I’m angry that mother Orcas are starving to death in Puget Sound, leaving their babies to die. Chinook salmon are getting harder to find because of overfishing and dams, and the salmon the Orcas do find is laden with toxic chemicals.

I’m angry that people are chaining women like dogs inside storage containers.

I’m angry that kids who aren’t white are getting crappier educations than their white counterparts.

I’m angry that assault rifle-toting militia members get acquitted while peaceful Native protesters are set upon with dogs and pepper spray.

I’m angry that there are still climate change deniers, and that they’re still getting air time.

I’m angry that I’m complicit in climate change because I’m embedded in a society that doesn’t really give a rat’s ass.

I’m angry that Donald Trump can say what he says about women, minorities, the disabled, immigrants, and others, and he still might get elected.

I’m angry that Hillary Clinton did dumb stuff with her State Department email.

I’m angry that people think “Dump that Bitch” is an appropriate way to talk about anyone, and that those same people think Hillary’s email is in any way equivalent to Trump’s hate speech.

I’m angry that poachers kill rhinos for their horns.

I’m angry that we’re killing cougars and bears and wolves. I’m angry that wolves are being shot from helicopters. I can’t imagine how frightening this must be.

I’m angry that we spend so much time and money in this country watching professional sports (Yay Cubs!), and we can’t seem to solve big problems.

I’m angry that anyone is still killing elephants, let alone boasting about it.

I’m angry that the Episcopal Church and other mainline Protestant churches are still calling God “He.”

I’m angry that we’re still clearcutting old-growth forests.

I’m angry about so f**king much these days.

I don’t like being angry. I’m angry about feeling angry.

I’m not sure how to handle my anger and still be a kind person.

I feel more powerful when I notice what my anger says about my values. What values are being infracted by these things about which I am so f**king angry?

  • Compassion for all living creatures.
  • Respect for women.
  • Respect for ourselves.
  • Living on Earth reverently.

For a start.

“Nice” and “kind” aren’t the same thing.

How do I want to change my behavior to more closely reflect my values?

How do I want to speak up for the defenseless and powerless?

How do I want to be a more compassionate and thoughtful Earthling?

How do I speak respectfully to disrespectful people?

Now I’m back in what I have control over: myself.

And here’s a dog dressed as a minion, so we feel a little light. Thank you for reading.




5 thoughts on “I’m Angry.

  1. Jennifer Hofmann

    YES!! I’m angry about these things too! So many aspects of the world fall short of the vision of how it could be! Anger is a natural response to injustice, disrespect, and selfishness. Let it flow out of you. Anger is a fire that burns away what isn’t essential and fuels meaningful action.

    Your questions inspire me. It’s time to make some changes in my life, and I will to journal with them over the coming week. Thank you for helping me turn my own anger into meaningful action!

  2. Barbara

    Hey Barb. I appreciate your post. I just want to add that the puppy-minion is not looking much too happy either.

  3. Bruce Anderson

    Yup. Is it more healthy to ignore it, and keep an even keel? Or to express it, and risk letting it take over my mental and physical health? I see saw between those. One is sick – to ignore what is right in front of me, and not show compassion for all creatures. The other one has the ability to be destructive to me – a potential vessel of love and compassion. Balance is an illusion . . . it’s really just tipping to and fro, with the desired balance only occurring in between.

    I love you and all creatures who practice/show compassion. This is a mean world, and we’re the only carriers available for divine love. Be of good cheer! Sometimes it’s our best tool.


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