Living Viriditas

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Viriditas is the greening power of God.

Hildegard of Bingen, a 12th century abbess, mystic, healer, prophet, and musician in Germany’s Rhineland, coined the word “Viriditas” to describe vital green lushness created by God. Hildegard says Jesus brings “lush greenness to shriveled and wilted” people and institutions. She imagines God as a spring and the Holy Spirit as greening power, bringing life and vitality, growth and expansion.

“Living Viriditas”? I believe we live “viriditas,” our greenness and fruitfulness, when we’re connected to God as our spring and our Source, when we follow Jesus the supremely compassionate prophet and healer, and when we allow Spirit to have her way with us.

I’m Barb Morris. My vocation is to create and hold sacred space for healing through coaching, teaching, retreat and workshop facilitation, writing, and art. You can read more musings on my blog, find out more about me here, and contact me here.

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